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Lifan 22hp 4-stroke conversion

Will be helping the neighbor swap from the 29 hp omc to a Lifan 22hp 4-stroke engine. Will keep you informed as we go along. Hope to have it done in a week.

Cool, Now if I could get Shawn to start his project and tell us about it. He is installing a Subaru 4-stroke engine. Something about a wedding holding him up, priorities, ha ha.

Things are going a little slower than we thought. Stripped the Omc out. Have cut and lowered the engine mount, its tacked into place. The lovejoy coupleing just arrived. Made a new exhaust header and all the welding should be done tonite. The its bolting the engine, oil cooler and wireing and plumbing, steering rods to go.I'll try and get some pics.

Do you have pics yet? How is it coming along? I would like to try a WINSON 22hp diesel conversion. I'm not sure if the rpms are high enough to run the hydros. I would think this conversion would be powerful and fuel efficient . Any help?

Sorry for the delay, moose season got in the way. We got the Lifan installed and running. It seems to be doing great. Every thing we ask of it, it did. It is of course slower than my two stroke, but once your off road it does just fine so far.
We built this for my neighbor and he's the one with the photo's. I'll ask him to put them on here. We did get our moose and my trackster hauled my son and I (500lbs) along with the gutted moose (500 lbs) out over tossocks,swamp,mud holes,uphill and didn't even think about it. I'm reaaly impressed with this little trackster. Next year my son,wife and hunting partner will all be driving their own along with a trackster trailer. As far as a diesel conversion I have no idea. Look into a conversion for the hyralic drive (2:1). That what we are thinking about doing to get some of the speed and top end back for the 4-stroke. Instead of the 4-stroke my son and I are thinking of possibly using a 2-stroke snowmachine engine, that way you get the higher rpm's along with oil injection, fan cooling. it was hot this year (in the mid 60's to 70's) for the hunting season. That's terrible for Alaska and we hunt north of Fairbanks. A week later and that area is getting snow and freezing weather.

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