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Engine builds up to much pressure

Need some help on this 29 hp engine , when the plugs are in the engine will crank but gets in a bind like the pressure can't escape , I pulled the intake and inspected the reeds , no issues there, if I pull one plug it will crank with much ease , checked for plugged exhaust , what have I overlooked ,

Does the engine crank equally well with either plug removed? If it does I would not suspect an engine problem. Maybe the starter has some issues? You could disconnect the engine from the gear case to make sure you don't have trouble with the hydrostats. Let us know what you find.

Nothing changes if I switch sides on plug removal , if either is out it will crank with ease, install both plugs and maybe 2 rotations and it's in a strong bind , I'm going to disconnect the fly wheel to the hydro and see if one of the pumps is locked up , that's my only guess at this point ,

Hello Razorback88--What did you determine was the problem on your machine? Thanks-Doug

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